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Diffuser Tokyo // 日製嫘縈編織多功能眼鏡鍊

使用織品重鎮日本福井縣工廠所生產的嫘縈織線與18K金電鍍金屬製成,Diffuser Tokyo 這款具有多種功能的眼鏡鏈還能作為手鏈與項鍊使用,為整體造型增添更多趣味性。


Made from high quality Japanese Rayon with 18k gold plated metal parts, Diffuser Tokyo presents these Edo Twin Brace Code that can be styled in multiple ways as glasses cord, bracelet or even a necklace.

In the awe of the sophisticated detailing, and the tones of gold and cream that pair back with everything and anything, this versatile piece will go perfectly well with your daily accessory edits.


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