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Diffuser Tokyo // Bonded Leather Eyewear Case and Eyewear Stand

使用牛皮與乳膠樹脂硬化處理後,高速沖壓製成韌度極高的特殊複合材質,Diffuser Tokyo新款Bonded Leather眼鏡盒及眼鏡置物架能妥善收納心愛的鏡框或隨身小物件,兼具輕盈且耐用的特性與優異質感。

Made from hardened and pressed cowhide with latex resin, Diffuser Tokyo presents these Eyewear Case and Eyewear Stand to offer a sophisticated solution to store your cherish frames or small essentials. Combining lightweight durability with a premium finish, these accessories exude both practicality and refinement.


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