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Emmanuelle Khanh Asian Fit Collection

從細節著眼風格,來自法國的Emmanuelle Khanh從七零年代開始,便運用純正法式製造工藝及與特有的美學視野,為眼鏡這項物件賦予了精緻時髦的樣貌。

秉持著追求卓越的核心精神,Emmanuelle Khanh本季更與日本製鏡工坊合作開發亞洲版鏡框,可輕鬆調整角度的純鈦鍍金鼻托讓舒適度升級的同時,也呈現了更為細膩的優異質感。

With an eye for detail, Emmanuelle Khanh has been incorporating pure French craftsmanship and a unique aesthetic vision to create sophisticated eyewear since the 1970s.

In keeping with the core spirit of excellence, this season Emmanuelle Khanh introduces the Asian Fit collection, made with meticulous Japanese artisanship. Each frame features pure titanium gold-plated nosepads that can be easily adjusted for enhanced comfort and a more refined look.


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