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Gold & Wood ”Bora 01”

Gold & Wood最新款”Bora 01”光學鏡框運用超輕量日本鈦金屬作為骨幹,賦予超乎想像的舒適感,也扭轉了木質眼鏡厚重且不易調整的刻板印象。經由多道繁瑣工序接合而成的原木層片凸顯天然材質與生俱來的迷人紋路與質感,實搭而洗煉的框型線條看似簡約,卻足夠亮眼,輕鬆形塑讓人難以忽視的個人風格。

Gold&Wood has completely redefined the space between discreet craftsmanship and contemporary style. Combining natural wood sheets, Japanese titanium and cellulose acetate in an refined and distinguished approach, Gold&Wood “Bora 0.1” are a versatile accessory with a timeless silhouette, that showcases the brand’s unwavering design focus.


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