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Gucci “Hollywood Forever”

位於洛杉磯的“好萊塢永生公墓“是眾多搖滾樂手與影視名人的長眠之處,Gucci “Hollywood Forever”系列鏡框以此地為名,從七零年代的流行輪廓汲取靈感,如同這款造型特殊的不對稱墨鏡以宛如掃帚的框型帶出律動性,搭配手工鑲嵌水晶細節重現舞台上熱力四射的巨星丰采。

Part of Gucci’s “Hollywood Forever”collection, which was named after the legendary cemetery in Los Angeles, these abstract sweeping design cat-eyed glasses inset with twinkling Swarovski crystals and barely-blue lenses are in coherence with Alessandro Michele’s renaissance rock 'n' roll attitude and eclectic aesthetic.


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