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Introducing: F/CE.

一直以來都希望能在眼鏡之外,能為喜愛我們的消費者提供更多獨特且豐富的選品,在過去除了有 Diffuser Tokyo 的眼鏡週邊收納配件、 KIMU design studio | 柒木設計 的台灣設計傢俱,這季則加入了日本時裝品牌 F/CE. 日後還會有丹麥小眾家飾及燈具,如果你/妳還想許願,也可以偷偷跟我們說,支持我們成為台灣最不務正業的眼鏡店。

F/CE. 由醉心於音樂、藝術、文化與歷史的時裝設計師山根敏史所創立,融合了絕佳機能實用性與時髦戶外風格,採用高級面料與先進製衣技術,創造經得起時間考驗的單品。身為F/CE.的創辦人與設計師之外,山根敏史還是日本後搖/數字搖滾天團 toe 的Bass手。(是的,就是那個每次來台灣表演門票都瞬間完售的TOE)

運用外套定調秋冬裝束,我們精心挑選的F/CE. FW22系列包含了時髦多層次大衣、工裝襯衫式夾克、以及毛絨獵裝外套等等,之後會為大家做更詳細的介紹。

Introducing: F/CE.

F/CE. started from the idea of channeling what its founder, Satoshi Yamane was into: music, art, culture and history. Fusing utility and style in its collection, incorporating the finest materials and techniques, F/CE. aims to create detail-oriented designs that can withstand the test of time. Apart from being the founder and designer of F/CE., Satoshi Yamane is the bassist of world-renowned post-rock/math rock band “TOE”.

Let these F/CE. outwear set the tone for your autumn winter outfit. Our selection covers timeless layered coats, utility shirts, polartec hunting jackets and more, please stay tuned for more updates!


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