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Julius Tart Optical // T-Round in Brown Gradient

近乎正圓的輪廓形塑懷舊風格,Julius Tart Optical “T-Round”鏡框剛剛好的設計感能瞬效提升穿搭造型的完整性,別緻而通透的咖啡色橫向漸層板料更是讓人驚艷的亮點。

日本福井鯖江市手工製造 🇯🇵

A truly statement-making pair, Julius Tart Optical presents these “T-Round” glasses in Brown Gradient. The thicker round silhouette injects a distinctive, retro appeal, this pair is ideal for the those who cherish bold pieces.

Handcrafted in Japan 🇯🇵


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