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Julius Tart Optical // AR in Black

即便模仿了形態卻無法複製其精髓,從五零年代風靡至今的 Julius Tart Opitcal “AR” 鏡框之所以擁有歷久彌新的經典設計,是來自於對每個細節的重視與探究。其中最為百搭且不容易出錯的黑色是品味人士最鍾愛的選擇,恰到好處的存在感能輕鬆融入整體造型,同時保有讓人印象深刻的個人特質。

As seen on:在日本潮流與文化圈皆有強大影響力的全方位通才- 野村訓市

Creating a perfect, no fuss, everyday look with these “AR” glasses by Julius Tart Optical, an iconic pair of spectacle that is meant to be loved and lived in.

As seen on Kunichi Nomura, renowned Japanese writer, actor, DJ, interior designer, and culture consultant.



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