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LPLR Eyewear // Snook

大器的方形框面具有強烈存在感,斜切稜角與複合材質拼接細節形塑洗鍊風格,LPLR eyewear “Snook”光學眼鏡非常適合頭型較寬的配戴者,只要上臉就能感受到差異的舒適配戴感能讓不喜歡戴眼鏡的你大大改觀。

The large, square silhouette exudes a strong presence, while the bevelled corners and composite materials create a refined style. These LPLR eyewear "Snook" optical glasses are perfect for those with wider face shapes, and the comfort of putting them on the face will transform the perception of those who don't like to wear glasses.

Handmade in France 🇫🇷


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