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LPLR Eyewear “Nokll” Sunglasses

LPLR Eyewear “Nokll”太陽眼鏡“薰衣草Lavande”與“玫瑰木Bois de rose”兩款帶點粉彩感的低飽和度配色是打造繽紛夏日造型的最佳良伴。


These “Nokll" sunglasses from LPLR Eyewear are the perfect accessories for creating your summer looks. The muted pastel colors, in shades of “Lavande" and “Bois de rose", exude sophisticated, subtle elegance. 

The oval frames, combined with the distinctive double bridge design, leave a lasting impression. The ombre details hand-painted by French artisans are ideal for those who seek to stand out from the crowd.


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