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Max Pittion // HUGO

Max Pittion “HUGO”鏡框命名自不僅在文學藝術領域具有前瞻性成就,更重視政治與人權發展的法國思想家 - 雨果。融合了直線與圓角製成冠形輪廓,運用獨家客製板材展現迷人色澤,“HUGO” 厚實的邊框與存在感強烈的造型適合風格前衛的品味人士


Named after the French literary legend and politician Victor Hugo, renowned for infusing his words with fiery social critique, Max Pittion’s “Hugo” glasses are designed for those who appreciate a bold look. The frame features a combination of straight lines and rounded corners carved out of custom color acetate, giving them a distinctive and striking appearance.

Handcrafted in Japan based on the preserved documentation and original design archive.


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