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MYKITA ACETATE RENEW // Chilled Raw Collection

來自柏林的眼鏡工坊 MYKITA 推出全新 “Chilled Raw”系列。和一般眼鏡製成有所區隔,Chilled Raw系列鏡框在成塊板材切割後進行噴砂處理,而非傳統滾壓拋光方式。未過分加工的表面保留物料原生肌理,不具光澤感的霧面磨砂細節也呈現了更為冷冽的風格

本季的Chilled Raw系列包含眾多款式與造型,包括具有視覺份量感的粗邊框、大框面設計太陽眼鏡,完美展現板材特有的外觀與質感


Introducing a bold, new material concept from the MYKITA HAUS:  


Instead of going through a tumbling and polishing process, frames are sandblasted after being cut. The raw surface reveal traces of the acetate milling process, and sandblasting creates a frosted, ‘chilled’ appearance.

"Chilled Raw" debuts on strong, voluminous sunglasses that provide the ideal canvas to showcase the unique look and feel of the novel surface treatment for acetate eyewear.


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