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MYKITA Acetate Renew // NEELA in Silky Peach

使用永續醋酸纖維Acetate Renew材質製成,MYKITA “Neela”光學眼鏡擁有非同一般的多邊形輪廓。Silky Peach深橘紅配色板料不過分飽和,能有效提升氣色更同時塑造讓人印象深刻的時髦風格。

Made from sustainable Acetate Renew material, MYKITA presents these "Neela" Optical Glasses that boasts an unique polygonal silhouette. The Silky Peach colour acetate flatters all skin tones while shaping an impressive sense of style.

Handmade in Germany 🇩🇪


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