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MYKITA CAMPAIGN 2021 // In Living Colour


歷經了十多年的合作默契,MYKITA長期配合的藝術夥伴- 攝影師Mark Borthwick,在他最熟悉的旅居之地紐約,為品牌定調全新視覺形象。

本次視覺形象命名為 “In Living Colour”,意指形形色色,充滿生命力的人或一切事物。在2020年底的某一天,Mark Borthwick找來身旁相識多年、來自各領域的親友入鏡,他們的身份與職業截然不同,卻同樣擁有鮮明的個性、開闊的心、以及不設限的創意。沒有過多的妝髮與造型,Mark Borthwick希望以最自然、貼近自我的方式紀錄畫面中人物的真實性格。這位MYKITA長久以來的合作夥伴更像是一位再熟稔不過的朋友,持續地用他的視角,為這個來自柏林的手工眼鏡品牌刻畫其專屬的視覺語言。


“Contrasting styles of imagery, ranging from stark, minimalist portraiture to vibrant, abstract images, introduce an individualistic cast of characters. These personalities are captured in a way that goes beyond appearances, accentuating and drawing us into their personal narratives: A diptych sequence reveals the beauty of a character- istic gesture; rich neon colour saturation illustrates the strength of a subject’s unique charisma. Pictures that celebrate the richness and potency of our internal life. ”

For the 2021 campaign, long-time collaborator Mark Borthwick photographed a group of fellow New Yorkers that stand out by virtue of their bright minds, open hearts and creative spirits. Re-lying on his authentic approach and natural aesthetic that does without real fashion or beauty styling, he captured their individual presence during the course of one day at the end of 2020.

With a modus operandi that emphasises the truly personal aspect of MYKITA design, the long-time collaborator and friend of the MYKITA HAUS continues to shape the visual language of the handcrafted eye- wear label from Berlin.


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