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MYKITA l Leica // ML02 太陽眼鏡

結合堅韌耐用的不鏽鋼材質及經由3D列印技術製成的MYLON物料,MYKITA 與徠卡Leica Camera聯名系列 ML02 太陽眼鏡獨特的造型發想自來鏡頭遮光罩,它填補了鏡框與佩戴者眉眼之間的空隙,從上方隔絕有害光線。

擁有光學級品質的 Leica Eyecare 鏡片以獨家AquaDura® Vision Pro表面處理技術,達到阻擋反射光源、防水、抗油污、與高韌度、高安全性等優異性能,成就超乎想像的舒適配戴體驗。

As seen on: 日本爵士/斯卡天團 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 薩可斯風演奏家 谷中敦

MYKTIA and Leica present these ML02 sunglasses, a classic aviator silhouette that combines handcrafted stainless steel frame with MYLON, a material innovation from MYKITA using 3D printing technology. the MYLON top bar on the hybrid models closes the gap between frame and the wearer’s brow to protect eyes from overhead sun rays, mirroring the function of a camera lens hood. The Leica Eyecare sunlenses with optical grade quality and specially developed coatings -AquaDura® Vision Pro is anti-reflective, hydrophobic/oleophobic, and resilience guaranteed.

As seen on Atsushi Yanaka, an eminent saxophonist best known as a member of the Japanese jazz, rock and ska group, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.


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