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MYKITA | Leica

在即將到來的夏天, MYKITA 將與德國傳奇相機品牌徠卡 (Leica Camera AG) 攜手合作,這是一個規劃多時的大型企劃,除了雙方共同參與設計的聯名鏡框款式以及專利 Leica Eyecare 鏡片之外,日後也會陸續推出其他相關周邊產品。

位於慕尼黑的徠卡設計工坊與柏林的 MYKITA HAUS 針對本次聯名系列,以極簡、實用的外型作為核心,著眼於優異機能性,將獨特機械結構與材料特質完美結合,淬煉出特有美感。


此次徠卡與 MYKITA 聯名系列的鏡片採用徠卡眼鏡 (Leica Eyecare) 的太陽眼鏡鏡片,由徠卡與 MYKITA 共同參與研發,經鑄坯單獨打磨和拋光而成,採取了曲折率1.6以確保最清晰的光學品質,並且在全球特定合作區域可以為配戴者特製處方度數,讓您可以多方面選擇真正個性化訂製的徠卡光學鏡片,更不用費盡心神找尋適合搭配鏡框的鏡片顏色。

除了優異的光學品質之外,徠卡特別研發的 AquaDura® Vision Pro 塗層技術讓它更卓越出眾。這層徠卡專門運用於運動光學以及專業攝影設備的無色塗層,可消除人眼雖不可見但易造成慢性傷害的鏡片後曜光與反射,更有防水、抗汙、抗刮傷、防霧以及易保養清潔等優點。所有合作款式也都具備偏光機能,可抵抗紫外線及減少有害眩光與表面反射。

視完美品質與精工技術為不容妥協的最高標準,MYKITA 與徠卡分別是眼鏡與相機產業各據一方的專家,同樣重視品牌核心價值、開拓創新概念以及擁抱文化的豐富與多元性更成為雙方匯聚的原因。希望透過本次的跨界合作能為光學及設計領域創造既有框架之外的可能性,也讓喜愛 MYKITA 與徠卡的朋友能透過格外清晰的視野,捕捉人生旅途上的每個精彩瞬間。

MYKITA I Leica 聯名全系列款式預計六月上市,將於 MYKITA 直營門市、徠卡之家、優選特約經銷商,以及 MYKITA 與 Leica 線上商店販售。

MYKITA and Leica announce their collaboration between two industry leaders of German engineering, design and quality made in Germany – a partnership defined by its shared commitment to holistic product development, pioneering technology and precision craftsmanship. The joint enterprise launches with a debut collection of sunglasses set to raise the bar for high-end functional design and optical quality on the eyewear market.

Designed in collaboration with the Leica design studio in Munich and handcrafted at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, the MYKITA | LEICA collection is defined by its reduced, functional design focused on superior performance. Seamless mechanical solutions and material connections echo the beautiful precision engineering of Leica’s unmistakable design and create a refined eyewear aesthetic.

There are several signature elements from the Leica design language that will resonate with brand enthusiasts while forming a new standalone eyewear aesthetic: the geometric lens shape is a recurring theme, a reference to the frontal view of a Leica camera lens hood, or the distinctive lacquering inlays and the Leica font for the temple inscription, and finally the reduced colour palette made up of matt silver, black, taupe grey and red accents.

The MYKITA | LEICA collection uses Leica Eyecare sun lenses with an unprecedented optical quality. Pioneered by MYKITA and Leica, the organic 1.6 index lenses are individually ground and polished from a cast lens blank in a process normally reserved for prescription lenses. In selected countries, the collaboration will also enable customers to order sun lenses customized with their own prescription. The advantage being that they receive the exact Leica lens of their choice, not the closest colour match as is often the case.

In addition to the unique visual clarity, the lens is also distinguished by the specially developed AquaDura® Vision Pro coating, a Leica development stemming from extensive experience in the challenging fields of sport optics and professional photography. The achromatic anti-reflective coating provides invisible protection against rear reflections without the usual colour sheen. It protects against water, dirt and damage, preventing fogging and facilitating effortless removal of fingerprints and stains. All models offer 100% UV protection and genuine optical clarity. Polarized lenses additionally filter harmful light components, such as glare and surface reflections.

The MYKITA | LEICA collection will be available from June 2020 in MYKITA Shops, Leica Stores and selected MYKITA authorized dealers as well as online through and


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