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MYKITA | Leica ML04 in Shiny Silver/Titan Grey and Leica Amber lenses

無需耗費心思就能打造時髦造型, MYKITALeica Camera 聯名款ML04中尺寸飛行員太陽眼鏡上緣的雙鏡橋設計巧妙呼應鏡頭遮罩與側面的壓紋飾邊,專利淺琥珀色Leica Eyecare鏡片,具備阻擋反射光源、防水、抗油污、與高韌度、高安全性等優異優異機能。

MYKITA | Leica ML04, a pair of everyday sunnies that injects a refined appeal into your daily edits. The double bridge design mirrors the function of a camera lens hood, while the surface finishes of the top bar mimics the grip pattern on the lenses.

Equipped with anti-reflective, hydrophobic/oleophobic, and resilience guaranteed Leica Eyecare sunlenses.


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