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MYKITA “LESSRIM”系列顛覆無框眼鏡的傳統思維,採用極簡卻安全的的結構承托鏡片。超細邊框恰好嵌入鏡片邊緣的槽口裡,讓鏡圈外框外透出若有似無的光芒。“TOMOMI” 這款光學眼鏡發想自八零年代的Panto Shape,獨特的立體鼻樑與簡練外型相得益彰。

MYKITA”LESSRIM” displays remarkable design freedom, the reduced construction accentuates small design details and color accents to demonstrate the power of understatement.

The sculptural nose bridge on optical "TOMOMI" lends subtle edge to the airy lightness to an oversize Eighties panto. Ultra-fine rims lie flush in the groove of the lens perimeter leaving only a shimmering outline.

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