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MYKITA “LESSRIM” 系列實踐"Less is more"的極簡美學。運用特殊表面處理技術製成僅0.5釐米不鏽鋼鏡圈,呈現猶如無框眼鏡的輕盈視覺印象,但仍能保有跳躍性的色彩律動。


A defined sense of transparency, pure and minimalistic, MYKITA LESSRIM is the ultimate refinement in eyewear. The Berlin house reinterprets the traditional rimless concept with the help of latest advancements in surface treatment technology. Only 0.5 millimetres wide, the stainless steel rim lies flush in the groove of the lens perimeter leaving a faintly shimmering outline. Like these iconic YOKO round-frame glasses in Silver/Neon Pink, they truly convey a virtually translucent aesthetic with outstanding comfort.

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