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透過繁複的蝕刻技術,呈現別樹一幟的裝飾風格,MYKITA LITE系列新款 “TALVI” 光學眼鏡在金屬框面上點綴幾何線條,塑造猶如珠寶刻紋的細緻外觀,但仍保有MYKITA簡練俐落的設計美學。

In a design series that merges artisanal techniques with high technology, MYKITA reveals its unique approach to embellishment. The surface pattern of the frames is achieved via etching technique, ensuring the frame remains as sleek and light as always, while giving the impression of a textured surface. The engraving on the metallic frames creates the look of jewellery while staying true to the clear design language of the Modern Manufactory.

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