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Native Sons “Clark”

以“超人”克拉克・肯特隱藏真實身份而配戴的鏡框為靈感,Native Sons “Clark"光學眼鏡以線條鮮明的大尺寸方框輪廓為整體造型做出最適切的提點,純正日製工法與手感絕佳的材質運用讓你在每個需要凸顯個人風格的場合都能輕易被看見。

Inspired from Clark Kent’s signature gear,Native Sons Eyewear’s “Clark” optical glasses are a modern update of those iconic specs. Handcrafted in a oversized square shape with the best materials sourced in Japan, this pair will complement your daily sets from high street to classic gent.


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