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Native Sons Eyewear “Valdez”

以獨具匠心的日本傳統藍染技法為發想, Native Sons Eyewear選用色澤醇潤、具有良好透光度,且對環境無負擔的Takiron板料為材,全然呈現讓人為之著迷的“Indigo”深邃靛藍之美。


Showcasing the core of Japanese craftsmanship, Native Sons Eyewear incorporate environmentally friendly Takiron acatates in the color of “Indigo”, as a tribute to the artisanal culture of traditional Japanese indigo dyeing (Aizome). We love this color best in these “Valdez”, a distinctly shaped optical glasses rendered in a tall trapezoidal silhouette.


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