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Native Sons X Wacko Maria

"Music is the trigger of imagination.”

Native Sons Eyewear 與日本高端潮流品牌 WACKO MARIA 合作,推出“Kowalski"限量聯名光學眼鏡。

發跡於東京目黑區,WACKO MARIA 由日本職業足球J聯盟球員森敦彥與石塚啓次成立於2005年,設計靈感萌發自當代藝術、電影與音樂。象徵著品牌核心價值的標語 "Guilty Parties” (甚至說奉為圭臬的箴言也不為過)引用自本世紀最具代表性、影響力、對抗性的另類金屬樂團討伐體制( Rage Against The Machine, RATM)在每一張專輯的封底,總是可以看到 RATM 以 “Guilty Parties” 來作為他們自稱的註記。

WACKO MARIA 致力於將各形式表現加諸於時裝設計,尤其那些透露著批判思考、反抗特質氣味、遊走於正邪邊緣的差異性,經淬煉後融入於高品質的街頭裝扮。過去也曾與不同領域藝術巨擘跨界合作,如當代獨立導演賈木許、傳奇藝術家巴斯奇雅、雷鬼樂鼻祖巴布馬利的聯名系列,都是 WACKO MARIA 愛好者津津樂道的經典作品。

本次 Native Sons Eyewear 與 WACKO MARIA 的聯名系列鏡框 “Kowalski” 著眼於卓越精良的純正日製工法,選用散發透亮光澤感的獨家深棕色與深藍色“Takiron”板料為材,並在框面與鏡腳點綴16K金細節增添可看性,線條洗練不挑人的D Frame輪廓適合各種臉型,能夠依照臉型鼻距調整的純鈦金屬鼻墊更能強化鏡框的穩定度與配戴舒適性。


Native sons Eyewear teams up with Wacko Maria, a contemporary Japanese high-street fashion brand draws inspiration from music, art and films. The brand’s slogan/mantra: “Guilty Parties” refers to one of the most revolutionary and confrontational alternative metal band in music history- Rage Against the Machine, as the band refer to themselves as "Guilty Parties" for each studio album.

Established in 2005 by two former J-League Football players, Nobuhiro Mori and Keiji Ishizuka, Wacko Maria reinterprets modern menswear with a rebellious flair by delivering covet-worthy streetwear ensembles with a haute finish an artistic edge, most notably with its collaborations with legendary creatives in different realms including Jim Jarmusch, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Daidō Moriyama and Bob Marley.

Available in color ways of “Dark Blue” and “Dark Brown”, these “Kowalski” optical glasses by Native Sons Eyewear and Wacko Maria are meticulously handcrafted in Japan with cellulous-based acetates by Takiron and customized 16K gold plated metal accents at front and sides. The flattering D-frame profile suits every face shapes, the adjustable Titanium nose pads also provide extra comfort.

Only available in limited quantities.


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