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Optical Precision, German Engineering // MYKITA I Leica 🔴📷👓🕶

MYKITA 與 Leica Camera 的合作揭開嶄新篇章。源自於對整合產品研發與精密工藝的共同追求,將工程機械技術導入眼鏡製造業,以高機能設計與絕佳品質打造前所未有的光學眼鏡系列。

MYKITA I Leica 聯名款光學眼鏡由輕盈具彈性的不銹鋼製成,透過精緻的細節及經典配色,把徠卡的標誌性設計轉化為別樹一格的眼鏡美學。以聯名款太陽眼鏡的飛行員框輪廓為依歸,加上功能性細節,例如加強鼻墊穩定性,同時還兼具醒目的造型元素。


Introducing the next chapter in the MYKITA | LEICA partnership: a line of optical eyewear models in the high-end functional design and optical quality that defines the collaboration.

The MYKITA | LEICA optical collection are made of light and resilient stainless steel. Using precision detailing and subtle color accents, the iconic design language of Leica products is translated into a refined, standalone eyewear aesthetic.

Returning to the established shapes from the sunglasses line – functional details, such as the top bridge for additional stability, double as a stylistic element to striking effect.

The color palette of the collection is the black and grey background with contrasting pops of well-known Leica tones, including Leica Red and Leica Silver. These color accents, applied in an elaborate manual process, appear on the ultra-fine contours on eyewear rims and temples. The familiar outline of the Leica camera lens hood is found again in the lens shape of the frames, another recurring style element references the knurled grip on camera lenses – this non-slip surface is used for the inside of the steel temples.


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