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The latest Window Display at JEpoque BELLAVITA Boutique


近期在規劃櫥窗設計時,我們想到了一直以來的好朋友 KIMU design studio | 柒木設計。柒木以簡約獨特、富有詩意的設計語彙定義生活風格,更透過入微的觀察力,藉由滿載創意的設計提案優化生活中的小細節,這樣的想法和尋找適合自己的眼鏡其實很類似,看起來美觀當然重要,但更須顧及舒適度與光學品質。

利用扇型裝置彈性區隔空間的“扇變屏風”;橫放、斜放、甚至手拿都美的“門閂桌鏡”;可以恣意改變框架與輪廓的“上下花器”,這些最能代表柒木的經典作品都將在JEpoque BELLAVITA BOUTIQUE展出。我們也特別找來從客人變成合作夥伴的花藝師 Enzo Li 運用不同的媒材 (濱刺麥、珍珠,以及利用3D列印製成的植物形體),形塑更具層次的呈現。

門口的櫥窗就像是我們的視覺語言,很開心能擁有一群志同道合的朋友可以在這個空間裡展開有趣的對話 ♡

Timeless, refined and with a hint of playfulness, KIMU ’s unique approach is what made us gravitate toward it. They offer not just ornaments, but to bring out actual design solutions that we might all need at home, exactly like how you choose a pair of glasses, you need to find the right pair that both look good and work best for you.

As a die-hard fan of KIMU, we’re happy to present their iconic, award-winning design classics including “The New Old Divider”, “Pose Table Mirror” and “The New Old Vase” at JEpoque BELLAVITA Boutique. Our long-time friend, florist Enzo Li also creates stunning visual elements that highlight these pieces.

Our shop front window is our visual vocabulary, and this time we have KIMU and Enzo to spark the conversation.


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