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The legacy of French eyewear legend Max Pittion lives on 📝👓

The legacy of French eyewear legend Max Pittion lives on 📝👓

法國傳奇眼鏡品牌 Max Pittion 與日本製鏡工坊 theLIGHT Co. Ltd 攜手合作,為這個擁有百年歷史的經典品牌注入新生命,於2023年開展再製企劃。

Max Pittion 於1921年誕生於法國東部一個以製作手工梳子聞名的城鎮約納克斯 (Oyonnax),在1940年代左右,Max家族使用了製造梳子的賽璐珞材質生產少量的手工眼鏡,其高雅透亮的光澤與質感獲得眾人青睞,讓Max Pittion得以積極拓展,甚至取得如Lanvin與Azzaro等高級時裝品牌的眼鏡製作授權。之後Max先生擔任了法國眼鏡製造公會會長,更創立了至今仍是眼鏡產業中最重要的國際展示會- 法國Silmo眼鏡展。

日本製鏡工坊 theLIGHT Co. Ltd 主理人 Tommy O’gara 深耕眼鏡設計、研發與製造數十餘年,本次在 Max Pittion 重啟企劃中擔任創意總監角色,與 Max Pittion 家族二代 Bernard Pittion 攜手合作,走訪品牌原先位於 Oyonnax 的舊工廠取得原始設計手稿,保留最原汁原味的法式風格,並融入日製工藝技術。誕生於法國的 Max Pittion 在百年後與日本相遇,讓引以為傲的家族傳統得以延續。

Max Pittion was a visionary who grew up in Oyonnax, a city at the foothills of the French Alps. At the turn of the 20th century, Oyonnax was known for its combs, which were crafted from wood, cow horn and, eventually, celluloid. In the wake of World War II, Max harnessed the potential of this new material and transformed his father’s comb-making business into one of the finest producers of eyewear in the world; Pittion Lunetterie. Pittion produced frames for the Parisian fashion houses of Lanvin and Azzaro, among others, and, in 1967, Max founded the Salon International de la Lunetterie, or SILMO, which continues to be the most prestigious and well-attended eyewear fair in the world.

Max’s bold, sleek designs were known for being meticulously crafted in rich, exquisite hues—their unique color palette a result of pushing the boundaries of the highest quality materials and innovative processes. His most iconic frame, the Politician, graced the faces of artists, tastemakers and Hollywood stars alike. Since their peak popularity in the 1960s and ‘70s, these elegant styles have retained their cult appeal.

The Light Co.’s Tommy O’Gara - working in collaboration with Max’s son, Bernard Pittion - has been entrusted with the brand’s revival. Expert craftsmen and technicians at The Light Co. headquarters in Japan are honoring and evolving its core offering. Pittion’s legendary designs are still being made by hand from plant-based cellulose acetate using heritage equipment and responsible production techniques. This next chapter is inspired by Max’s passion and energized by Tommy’s creative vision.


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