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[ The Perfect Circle ]

簡練輪廓裡存有極大化的視覺張力,MYKITA STUDIO 5.3運用細緻線條描繪近乎完美的圓。獨特粉末塗層讓鏡架表面展露礦物紋理與弧面觸感,介於灰棕之間的色彩呈現讓你輕鬆配搭入秋裝束,為整體造型增添值得探究的細節。

Incorporating slender stainless steel constructions to emphasize the dainty round shape, MYKITA STUDIO 5.3 in dark mineral patina are meticulously crafted with a thick powder-coat, making the flat surface convex. This sophisticated pair will work seamlessly with your autumnal ensembles.


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