Visionaries Series - Vol.2 Jimmy Wu

在INVINCIBLE,你能找到精心配製的品牌選貨,數量稀少的限量單品,以及流行趨勢浪頭上的話題物件。這間從2007創立於台北東區選物名店早已是台灣時尚迷趨之若鶩的購物殿堂,更吸引眾多海外遊客一探究竟。 以球鞋與運動服飾起家,INVINCIBLE擁有眾多獨賣排隊鞋款的發行權,也是Visvim, Neighborhood, WTAPS以及,ltd.等高端設計師品牌的獨家販售經銷點。 除了經營全台四間零售店面及網路商店之外,INVINCIBLE團隊將觸角擴展至設計端,曾與adidas, Reebok, New Balance合作多次聯名企劃,在每個細節注入其特有的核心價值與美感,販售通路遍佈全球。 在Max Pittion與JEpoque合作的視覺企劃”Visionaries Series” 第二章,INVINCIBLE主理人Jimmy Wu與我們分享了他對於運動生活風格的啟蒙與熱忱;差異化策略及經營方針、甚至是工作與家庭之間的平衡。在早春午後的一連串的對談之中,我們似乎也看見了INVINCIBLE備受顧客青睞的原因。

“INVINCIBLE” is a multi-brand lifestyle boutique rooted in sneaker culture which offers a well-curated selection of footwear, apparels, scents, gadgets and other collectables. Since breaking new ground in 2007 in Taipei, INVINCIBLE opened its first location in the East District shopping area, now operates 4 stores around the country plus an e-commerce site. Apart from carrying all the most covetable limited edition items and exclusive brands such as Visivim, Neighborhood, Wtaps and Soph, INVINCIBLE is most notably for issuing collaboration sneakers designed in conjunction with the top-of-mind footwear brands such as Adidas, Reebok and New Balance. Inevitably, it has become the one and only go-to destination for sneakerheads, fashionistas or even tourists of different ages and tastes in Taiwan. In Visionaries Series Vol.2, Max Pittion and JEpoque have chatted with Jimmy Wu, the founder of INVINCIBLE, about what sparked his sportswear obsession, the business strategy to differentiate from other retailers, and how he manages to find a work-life balance with such a hectic schedule in the world of fashion.

My interests in sneakers started when I was studying in the states. Gradually it forms a collection. I then discovered that there is no such type of business model in Taiwan, so I took the opportunity and launched INVINCIBLE.

Stress has already become a form of encouragement throughout the journey of our expansion. I believe that if there’s no stress there is no growth.

My family and career are the indispensabilities of my life. Although having two kids takes up a lot of time, but it also created a tunnel vision that makes me focus more.

The fame of a brand is not the priority concern for us. We want to provide a fresh experience for our customers while they are shopping in our stores. We see introducing what we truly love to the consumers in Taiwan as a prime responsibility.

The key to success is to understand your target market.

We always uphold an open attitude towards collaboration. It’s a great opportunity if we get a chance to infuse the characteristics of INVINCIBLE, while working with the brands we love.

Social Media is an essential in my daily life, it‘s a platform that allows me to absorb numerous amount of information.

Eyewear are irreplaceable accessories when it comes to curating my own style. To find a comfortable pair is just a basic approach, whether the style fits my total look is my premium concern.

“Detail” plays a pivotal role for us. These“Politician”sunglasses are ultra sophisticated with its irregular frame design, the use of the rare blue tortoiseshell acetate then finishes off the look with a hint of refreshing atmosphere.

​Max Pittion manages to differentiate itself with its unique yet simple designs. It’s quite hard to imagine that some of the collection was designed in dozens of years ago! I am deeply fascinated by the story behind.

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