Visionaries Series - Vol. 4 - Raven Chen

深入而真實,絕不為了遷就虛幻的點擊率而祭出譁眾取寵的報導,在媒體素養時常被質疑的年代, Heaven Raven這個年輕的時尚新聞平台宛如異類,追逐著光鮮亮麗的包裝背後,那些主宰整體產業策略與發展,卻鮮少被提及的面向。
在Max Pittion與JEpoque合作的視覺企劃”Visionaries Series” 第四章,我們訪問了Heaven Raven創辦人陳穎學先生,這位29歲的年輕人曾是國際中文版編輯,在時尚產業擁抱新科技與新媒體而迅速變遷,但大環境卻日益不景氣的情況下,他做了那些嘗試與改變,讓Heaven Raven成為無需倚靠品牌廣告投放,卻能兼顧專業素養更擁有精準閱讀群眾的新興平台?

With sophisticated contents dedicating to maybe the less appealing, but more important number side of fashion, Heaven Raven, a new media outlet in Taiwan appears while the whole industry is confronting a period of upheaval.
In Max Pittion’s Visionaries Series VOL.4, we are more than glad to have this opportunity to interview Raven Chen, the founder of Heaven Raven, who is not just a fashion writer but an authoritative curator of culture. He told us about his opinions toward editorial independence, and how he reacts and adapts effectively under the tectonic changes around him.

The most significant difference between running my own platform and being a fashion editor is that instead of focusing on what “sells”, We can now report what we truly believe is right. I used to have to put profit before content whenever planning something new. But now, I report news that are very well up-to-date within the fashion industry.

Heaven Raven never experienced lack of ideas or inspirations, because it is our job to absorb and record all the memorable moments that are happening every second.

Social Media is an essential tool when its comes to spreading news and values, because scrolling through Facebook feed is just a compulsory task of the day for everyone! I am not going to say its not tiring sometimes, but we managed to keep up with the new updates. We are really grateful that we can focus on producing quality contents and don't have to hassle over the click through rate, since our reader base prefer editorials with deeper knowledge.

Fashion news might seem unrealistic or even not practical to some people, therefore we tend to focus more on analysing the operating and strategic aspects, afrer all, the root of fashion is a business.

I am very used to multi-tasking, I always put in 100% effort no matter when I’m a stylist, personnel specialist, a brand consultant or an editor. I am always full of enthusiasm since my job and my interest are inseparable.

You should always have your own style and not just blindly follow the others. I hope that Heaven Raven gives our readers the opportunity to think independently, to understand their values and not be manipulate by the trend.

What Max Pittion intrigues me the most is that comfort does not need to be sacrificed in order to look stylish. For someone like me that has to spend almost 24 hours with glasses, this is just too important to us.

Glasses are a necessity in my life as I am near sighted, therefore incorporating frames with my personal style is something that I value a lot. Although Max Pittion always have a unique style, it emphasises the wearer's personality as well.

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