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在這個最適合表達心意與感謝的季節,我們特別整理了一系列來自DIFFUSER TOKYO的收納單品,在需要費心挑選禮物時助你一臂之力!


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▩ 皮革滾邊多功能眼鏡收納袋 ▸ 讓生活井然有序且充滿儀式感,這款眼鏡收納袋運用日本植染皮革與手感紮實、內襯軟墊的日本帆布製成,能輕鬆攜帶兩支眼鏡、抑或是手錶、筆、名片、藥包甚至是防霧噴霧等零碎物件。

▩ 牛油革捲軸圓筒眼鏡盒 ▸ 別具巧思的捲軸設計能依據鏡框大小調整尺寸,無論是光學鏡框或是Overszied太陽眼鏡都能輕易收納。

▩ 牛油革圓柱眼鏡筒 ▸ 在短暫置放眼鏡時能夠確保框面及鏡片不被異物刮傷或弄髒,適合擺在床頭櫃、書桌、甚至車用杯架上,就能在需要時派上用場。

▩ 手工上色三角零錢包 ▸ 耐用的日本牛革與柔韌麂皮內裡,手工打造的三角造型零錢包,特殊的金屬銀漆刷色別具質感。

As we’re officially stepping into the last-minute holiday-shopping territory, here is our holiday gift guide that covers something special for everyone on your list.

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A pioneering eyewear accessory brand that upholds timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship at an affordable cost, all products are made in Japan from exceptional quality materials.

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▩ Cotton Canvas Eyewear Case ▸ Perfect for your glasses, sunnies and readers, but also great for your watches, pens, business cards or other gadgets and accessories.

▩ Oil Leather Roll Eyewear Case ▸ Carry your eyewear (even the oversized ones) in style and reliably protect the lenses and prevent the frames from breaking or getting bent out of shape.

▩ Oil Leather Eyewear Stand ▸ Ensure your glasses stay securely in place and keep them scratch and smudge-free.

▩ Brush Art Coin Case ▸ Handcrafted from Japanese leather and suede with metallic brush art details, this coin case by Diffuser Tokyo will keep all your monetary essentials in order.

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