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MYKITA // LUMI in Shiny Copper/Topaz

時髦外型與舒適配戴感未必只存在於光譜兩端,MYKITA 新款 “LUMI”光學眼鏡運用柔韌的不銹鋼材質打造輕盈卻穩定的結構,獨特的拓帕棕色板料帶有透亮光澤,讓圓形輪廓更顯洗鍊質感。

Comfort and versatility are pivotal but style can’t be compromised either, MYKITA presents the “Lumi” optical glasses from the most popular LITE collection. The slightly oversized silhouette works well with about everything, while the Topaz color acetate makes a nice departure from the same same.


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