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MYKITA // Neville in Indigo/Yale Blue

從優異機能性出發,完美融合簡潔低調的美學概念,“NO1 Collection” 象徵著MYKITA的起點與根基,也是品牌愛好者最信賴的設計系列。

NO1 新款 “Neville” 光學眼鏡極為輕盈、穩定度高,勾勒於鏡片外緣的藍色線條更讓給人沉穩印象的眉型框輪廓有了截然不同的樣貌。

Understated yet practical, MYKITA “NO1” collection embraces clean and modest design with a functional focus. These “Neville” glasses of the NO1 collection is the comfy and trusty companion that we all need, it’s ultra lightweight and resilient, with slender, colorful lens contour lines in blue to show a discreet charm.



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