Native Sons “Bradbury”

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

毋須懼怕白色鏡框的強烈視覺感,只要挑選合適的框型,反而能輕鬆留下令人好感度倍增的深刻印象。Native Sons ”Bradbury”便是一個絕佳的範例,非典型多角線條巧思獨具,鑰匙孔中樑設計提點懷舊風格,輕盈舒適的鈦金屬細節能符合多數臉型的佩戴者,親臨試戴更能理解它的魅力所在。

Native Sons Eyewear is taking white frames to the next level. The ultra refreshing and fearless hexagonal shape with curved keyhole bridge and gold tone details will perfectly suit your debonair ensembles.

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