Native Sons Eyewear // Merrimack Optical Glasses

Native Sons Eyewear 獨一無二的原創框型輪廓總是能輕鬆塑造強烈個人風格,這款 Merrimack 光學眼鏡就是最好的例子。

運用特殊結構與素材,Native Sons Eyewear 致力於解決配戴眼鏡時容易面臨的各項問題。每支鏡框皆於日本純手工製成,挑選色澤溫潤、手感紮實的高密度Takiron 醋酸纖維,內部以電鍍16K鑽石紋銅芯線作為支撐骨幹;箭頭型鉸鍊搭配星型螺絲帽結構能確保鏡框韌性;鏡腳末端則增添止滑刻痕加強摩擦力,防止鏡框因長時間配戴所產生的汗水與油脂分泌而滑動,有效提升配戴舒適度。


Rendered in an irregular hand-drawn shape, Native Sons Eyewear presents these Merrimack glasses in various colorways. Handcrafted with the best materials sourced in Japan, from the original Takiron cellulose (plant) based acetate, long-diamond-tooled core wires, arrow-shaped hinge design, old school star-nut configuration and the anti-slip stripes engraved on the temple tips, this pair will surely become your signature gear with an effortless attitude.

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