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Native Sons "Giger''

望而生畏卻又無法自拔的著迷,『異形之父』H.R. 吉格爾是近代相當具有指標意義的超現實主義畫家、雕塑家,其獨一無二的生物機械美學喚醒潛意識裡最原始深層的恐懼,更改變了科幻電影的發展脈絡。

擁有動物形體與無機物結構的嗜血異形,醜陋、濕黏、晦暗,卻又是比人類更趨近完美的生命體,隱匿於猶如新藝術風格筆觸般繁複壯麗、卻毫無生機的石墨色巢穴裡,編織著進化至上的存亡夢魘。H.R. 吉格爾在虛構的近未來宇宙中暗藏著對於宗教、哲學、科學、以及倫理的探討,或許人類都被禁錮在自己建構的機器裡,猶如困獸,身陷無盡幽冥。

Native Sons “Giger” 發想自H.R.吉格爾的怪誕奇想,運用多邊形框面與流線耳勾設計,帶出讓人過目不忘的視覺張力。

Being recognized as one of the world’s foremost artists of the 20th century in the realm of surreal art best known for his astonishing work on the “Alien” series, H.R. Giger’s macabre imagination had changed the perspective, landscape and art direction of Science Fiction in every way.

You may find it attractive or repulsive, H.R. Giger’s bio-mechanical aesthetic blended the organic shapes of animals with elements of hardware, in pursuance of conveying the dark side of human’s inner journey of the subconscious- As we are all part of the machines that we’ve created, and we alienated ourselves within.

Native Son’s “Giger” optical glasses are part of the latest “Authors Collection”, which was handcrafted in Sabae, Japan with an octagonal shapes in resonance of H.R. Giger’s distinctive vision.


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