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Visionaries Series

“Visionaries Series”是JEpoque與Max Pittion共同執行的視覺企劃, 集結台灣各領域的創意產業工作者,以他們的工作空間為脈絡, 編寫成8個截然不同,卻又擁抱著相似價值的影像故事。在本次企劃中,我們採訪了KIMU design studio | 柒木設計的工業設計師Kelly Lin, INVINCIBLE主理人Jimmy Wu, Heaven Raven創辦人陳穎學, SYNDRO與 SYNDROme by SYNDRO團隊Shinway&Agy,WXY (Official)設計師Joi Weng, hass 許黃勝兆建築師事務所+雪杉室內裝修設計有限公司總監許黃勝兆,造型師 Joyce Chang以及攝影師aihciy Hsu,藉由每一位受訪者的雙眼, 體會他們正在經歷的各種挑戰與美好。

​Portraying people of different cultural backgrounds within their daily working environments, French Heritage Eyewear Brand Max Pittion reveals a photography project featuring a host of Taiwan’s young creatives.
In“Visionaries Series”, Max Pittion&JEpoque interviewed industrial designer Kelly Lin of Kimu Design, entrepreneur Jimmy Wu of Invincible, fashion writer Raven Chen of HEAVEN RAVEN, fashion designer Shinway Wang&Agy Ker of Syndro, Stylist Joyce Chang, footwear designer Joi Weng of WXY, architect SJ Hsu Huang of HASS architectural firm and photographer Aihciy. All images and dialogues showcase multi-faceted personal perspectives including the unique life styles, the aesthetic of beauty and the mutual love for eyewear.

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